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 Hollywood Licensing Group LLC. can secure licensing rights for any motion picture, animation, TV show and film of your choosing, as long as it is available in your territory, which includes all the motion pictures and other audiovisual programs from over 1,000 studios and producers from Hollywood or from around the world. It is the most comprehensive motion picture copyright compliance solution available. Once licensed, content can be rented, purchased, or borrowed in a variety of formats whether via DVD, Blu-ray, download, stream, pay or non-advertiser supported TV channels, or video on demand.

CEO & Founder of Hollywood Licensing Group LLC.

Anthony G. Cohen J.D. 


Anthony Cohen is the CEO and founder of Hollywood Licensing Group LLC, one of the industry’s new and upcoming independent distribution companies with offices in Hollywood and Shanghai, HLG specialized in distribution of TV, film and theater release motion pictures in Main land China. Hollywood Licensing Group LLC, has partnered up with Bridgegate Films Shanghai to bring fresh new line of projects to its sister company. 


Cohen has been behind the scene as an Sr. executive (Creative Development) working with one of Hollywood’s top producers since 1997 which his films credits included FACE-OFF, SWORDFISH, MICHAEL, PHENOMENON, LOOK WHO’S TALKING TRILOGY I, II AND III, PRIMARY COLORS, BLIND DATE, PINK PANTHER, A CIVIL ACTION, THE GENERALS DAUGHTER, DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE, PLUS 32 OTHER FILMS. This Top producer had taken young Cohen under his wings and taught him everything he knew in the business. 


The company’s commercial success is highly dependent upon the creative selection of the films chosen among those available.

Cohen is also the CEO and founder of such companies as Bridgegate Films USA,  Stearns Cohen Media Group and Cohen media Group. 

Vice President of Hollywood Licensing Group LLC.

Kenneth Ho

Kenneth Ho is the Vice President of Hollywood Licensing Group LLC. Mr. Ho has been working with Mr. Cohen for over 15 years and brings enormous experience to the company. 

Kenneth is also the Vice President of such companies as Bridgegate Films USA,  Stearns Cohen Media Group and Cohen media Group. 

Legal Council ,  Hollywood Licensing Group LLC.

Kenneth Roberts


Mr. Roberts overseas the accusations and licensing of movies for China and other foreign countries. 

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